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Medicine for the Soul


Daime is the name given to ayahuasca within the Brazilian tradition initiated by Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra. It is an ancient drink used ritualistically in various cultures in order to help heal body, mind and soul and reconnect with the divine.
Casa Colibrí is what is known as a point of light, an extension of the Fraternidade Rosa da Vida de Brasilia here in Spain, which works with the same objective established by the founder of the União do Vegetal, Mestre Gabriel: to contribute for the spiritual development of the human being, the improvement of his intellectual qualities and his moral virtues. According to this doctrine, through the communion of ayahuasca, human beings are given the opportunity to transform their feelings and shape their behavior in such a way that they can rediscover Light, Peace and Love and thus establish a true human brotherhood.

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Ayahuasca is prepared from two Amazonian plants: the Marirí vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaves of the Chacrona bush (Psicotria viridis), in a ceremony in which the members of each community meet for several days to take care of capturing , clean and cook the plants. The strength, energy and structure of the medicine will depend on the intention and energy with which it is prepared. This process is called “feitio”. The medicine that Lelia Matos uses at Casa Colibrí is prepared in Brazil by the Fraternidade Rosa da Vida community.


It is difficult to define what is the main effect that Daime has on people since it is totally subjective. Moreover, in each session for the same person, the experience can be totally different. What we can say in general terms and on which there is a certain consensus is that it helps to expand consciousness.
The expansion of consciousness allows the person to observe himself, his environment and the world with a more open perspective, leaving the box of the mind a little and allowing himself to perceive a little beyond what we are normally capable of perceiving. This opening leads us both to approach that consciousness of Universal Unity and to see our shadows, those patterns of our ego that are so ours that it is difficult for us to see, allowing us to work on them from the understanding and love that accompany doing it from our being more essential. A fluid communication between our ego and our Higher Self that helps us undo knots and processes that may be affecting us both physically and mentally, emotionally or relationally.

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It is true that most people describe experiences with Daime as life changing, a before and after in their lives, but we are sorry to tell you that things are not as easy as they seem. The Daime is a divine tool, yes, but it is just that, a tool incapable of performing miracles on its own. The real change appears with the internal and honest work that we do in our day to day from the experience and learning that the Daime gives us to polish ourselves a little more every day as human beings through discipline, integrity, self-observation, self-analysis and large doses of patience, acceptance and compassion towards ourselves.


We want to emphasize that Daime is a sacred drink, with all that this means. But if you want to know the scientific explanation, the main substance that acts is DMT (dimethyltryptamine), an entheogen that is also produced in small quantities by the pineal gland, an organ on which you can read a large number of philosophical as well as spiritual writings that relate it with the third eye, clairvoyance and elevated states of consciousness. But going back to science, there are scientific studies, for example those of neuroimaging carried out by the Spaniard Jordi Riba, who unfortunately left us in 2020, in which it has been observed that taking Ayahuasca activates areas of the brain involved in the process of emotions, memory and areas that are on the border between cognitive and emotional aspects. DMT is also a hallucinogen, but in this plant it is not present in a sufficient percentage to generate hallucinations. It can generate visions but during the shots the person is totally self-aware. Moreover, it is necessary to concentrate and surrender to its effects to feel them and it is enough to open our eyes to reconnect with our surroundings. There are also a large number of scientific studies that show its effectiveness against depression or drug addiction. It is also used to work traumatic episodes.

So, what about the news in which people have had a bad time during Ayahuasca ceremonies, have had psychiatric sequelae and have even lost their lives?

When choosing a place to work with sacred medicine, two things must be taken into account: the first, who is the person who is going to lead the ceremony and accompany us in the process. Second, where does the medicine you are using come from, who has prepared it, and what exactly is in it?

We have to make sure that the person who is going to give us the medicine and lead the ceremony has the necessary training, experience, knowledge and ability to do this type of work. They are usually people with a spiritual commitment that has been expressed in one way or another since childhood. And it is not enough that they have worked themselves with sacred plants and have felt “the call”. As in most spiritual currents, it is not the person who decides to put himself in the place of teacher, but the teachers and the community who point out and deliver the knowledge and tools based on the skills and what they perceive in them. You can ask him, for example, how many years he has been leading ceremonies, who or where his teachers are from, if they belong to any community.


The information about the medicine that the guide is using for his work will also give you clues to get an idea about the seriousness of his work. We have already explained that the preparation of medicine is a ritual (feitio) that must be carried out under certain conditions. In addition, in recent years, it has become quite common for medicine facilitators to add other elements to their preparations beyond the Marirí and the Chacrona (ayahuasca). Some add other substances such as burundanga to achieve a strong psychedelic effect given the popularity that this type of ceremonies has achieved in Western countries and the demand it has generated for psychedelic and highly sensitive experiences. The type of perceptions that are usually had with this type of structure are mental projections that we can confuse with true visions. And this type of medicine is the one that can generate effects that we would prefer to avoid. We must not forget that ayahuasca is a sacred drink that has been used for thousands of years with an essentially spiritual purpose that, as a consequence, brings experiences and benefits to other levels. Its use must be done with the utmost respect and with the sole objective of growing as a human being and not for recreational purposes.

Another element to take into account is the interaction of ayahuasca with drugs or substances that inhibit monoamine oxidase (MAOI) and drugs or medications that affect the serotonergic system, antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs. Do you mean that if I suffer from depression or anxiety I should not take ayahuasca? On the contrary, a large number of studies demonstrate the effectiveness of ayahuasca as a treatment against this type of imbalance. What it means is that the person who gives you the medicine has to know about these effects and tell you if you can continue taking your medication normally, if you should reduce its consumption before attending the ceremony or if it is best to do a cleansing prior to reduce the toxic load of your body. There are those who say that ayahuasca is not for everyone, that with certain mental pathologies its consumption is not recommended. But those who work with medicine should be able to understand the structure of each person who approaches her looking for a way out or personal growth and give each one the amount and intention necessary to carry out her work. Ideally, he or she should have some medical background both to understand how the medicine will interact with your body as well as to prevent you from having a bad time.

Nothing to say about combining ayahuasca with drugs like cocaine, amphetamines or MDMA. The most serious accidents that we have heard of had to do with the combination with this other substances. However, ayahuasca is a great tool that is increasingly used for addiction treatment.

It is highly recommended, before doing a ceremony with Daime, to perform a liver cleanse. In general, it helps to enhance the effect of Daime since the body is cleaner on a physical, emotional and energetic level to be able to work more deeply. In the case of people who are undergoing pharmacological treatment, who have taken drugs or who suffer from certain pathologies, it may be a requirement. We will inform you when you call to request more information or make a reservation, as well as the diet you must follow and what you must take into account before coming.

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Manuela Cuevas
Manuela Cuevas
La atención es magnifica, te sientes como en casa y totalmente cuidada y atendida para que tengas una experiencia de descanso y sanación total. Completamente recomendable si buscas una reconexion integral de tu cuerpo, tu mente y tu parte espiritual.
amada blasco
amada blasco
Me gusta la forma de trabajar de Lelia cercana y directa. El espacio es un lugar de paz y es fácil hacerlo propio. Muchas gracias
Mirarte. Terapia con corazón
Mirarte. Terapia con corazón
Una casa maravillosa en medio de la naturaleza donde he podido realizar trabajos espirituales y de salud holística que me han ayudado a ser mejor persona, más sana, más libre y más feliz. Recomiendo ponerse en contacto con Lelia Matos su directora para concertar el tipo de trabajo individualizado que más te pueda convenir.
maria de la vega gomez
maria de la vega gomez
Maravillosa casa para descansar, encontrarse con una misma y sanar el alma. Llevo años acudiendo a sesiones de trabajo de Daime con Lelia y es una experiencia que recomiendo encarecidamente a todo el mundo. Merece la pena ir aunque sea sólo a dormir a pierna suelta, comer sano y ecológico del huerto que tiene allí y a simplemente estar. Lelia es una anfitriona y directora de la casa generosa, sabía, profesional y que acompaña a cada persona en su camino con lo que necesita.
Lelia Matos
Lelia Matos
E um recanto para descansar,e abastecer de buenas energias.vale a pena provar.
José Juan
José Juan
A great place to enjoy nature, a holistic therapy, and care with Love and Integrity.